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1-1 Mindfullness web session including positive touch Reflex Therapy. Working with your child or loved one, you will learn mindfullness relaxation techniques with visualisation and hand and foot massage routines. 30 minute sessions held over 4 weeks. You will learn the techniques each week and practice at home in between. The repeated simple and fun routines are easy to follow, and build a physical and emotional connection between parent/ carer and child or adult involved. Aids communication, and emotional development and support for anyone suffering from Anxiety, poor sleep, poor concentration, emotional upset, and supports improved physical wellbeing.

Sessions are 30 minutes @ £25 .


To book a treatment with me please CONTACT ME HERE

Or please call me on : 07483 858 727.

**COVID 19 UPDATE 1st JUNE 2020**
Due to the latest guidance issued by the Government, It is clear that I will not be able to re-open until phase 3 criteria is met, which at the earliest is expected to be sometime in July, in order to protect the health of us all. Therefore all face to face treatments are suspended until further notice. However, I do still offer online Reflexology & Reiki treatments, as well as Online Functional Reflex Therapy Workshops. These are operating as usual.

I am still continuing to offer Reiki and Relaxation via online access or phone call appointments, so if you want to try them please let me know, they have been very popular and have been a pleasant surprise to many who were not sure what to expect.

Distance Online Reiki - 30 minutes session £15.00.
A relaxing a calming treatment aimed at supporting reducing stress and anxiety physically and emotionally. Using guided relaxation via a video call or phone line to support healing. Accessed in the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit you.

Distance Reflexology - 40 minutes session £20.
A very relaxing and calming treatment offered via distance with such amazing feedback. These sessions are via a video call or phone line, using relaxation and visualisation to give and receive a treatment. Using guided visualisation methods to access the feet or hands supporting healing within the body and mind. Helpful for poor sleep, anxiety, low mood, and general wellbeing.
A calming a relaxing session, giving access to a treatment within your home safely and at a time to suit you.

Treatment Prices

Treatments are based on hourly sessions, including a consultation, which usually takes slightly longer on the first appointment, and includes discussing your medical history and planning an individual treatment plan.
I may recommend a treatment plan which could include a number of regular treatments, but this will be subject to your own individual needs.

All treatments are for an hour session, although the first session includes a consultation, so will be slightly longer, unless otherwise indicated. Health Insurance plans accepted.

Reflexology 60 minutes £40.00
Ideal for relaxation, a calming treatment for stress reduction... Including the use of a blended natural essential oil reflexology balm, plus aftercare advice to prolong the beneficial effects of the treatment.

Maternity Reflexology 60 Minutes £40.00
Aimed at encouraging relaxation, reducing stress in preparation for labour and birth. It is helpful throughout pregnancy helpful in managing common symptoms including constipation, morning sickness, insomnia etc. Later in Pregnancy, treatments aim to encourage a calm, and deep relaxation to aid the natural labouring process. Also, it can be helpful in supporting lactation, aid better sleep and re-balance your body.
Includes the use of a blended natural reflexology balm, plus aftercare advice.

Reflexology for Fertility 60 minutes £45.00
Reflexology does not claim to cure causes of fertility issues. However, research has found it to have a positive effect in many successful cases. I would recommend a course of reflexology treatments for couples. Ideally both the male and female partners would have treatments, particularly in cases of unexplained infertility. A calm and relaxing treatment with an individual treatment plan, Includes the use of a blended natural reflexology balm, plus aftercare advice.

NEPip Reflexology 60 minutes £45.00
This is a unique treatment including mindfulness integrated and supporting healing with Reflexology, Ideal for those suffering stress and anxiety. A calm and relaxing treatment with an individual treatment plan, Includes the use of a blended natural reflexology balm, plus aftercare advice.

AdRx Reflexology 60 minutes £45.00
Also a unique treatment aimed at focusing on those with back or neck pain from injury or illness, and whiplash, which results in long term unsolved pain. A calm and relaxing treatment with an individual treatment plan, Includes the use of a blended natural reflexology balm, plus aftercare advice.

Reiki Healing 60 minutes £40.00
A quiet healing treatment, encouraging emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Includes aftercare advice and care.

Distance Reiki Healing 50 minutes £40
A healing treatment sent remotely, ideal of you are unable to have a treatment in person

Functional Reflex Therapy Workshops £35
Functional Reflex Therapy is aimed at teaching parents/carers a positive touch relaxation routine, designed to enhance emotional and physical wellbeing to use at home, in a care setting or school. These can be 1:1 sessions or small groups.

This therapy is helpful for those affected by Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, intellectual difficulties, neurological disorders and communication issues, and can be offered in the education system and a variety of other settings with 1:1 Reflexology therapeutic intervention.

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