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Live Well, Feel Well with Reflexology

Reflexology is a non-invasive, gentle and safe complementary therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, and hands, correspond with different areas of the body. A form of reflexology is also thought to have been used throughout history in many other cultures including Indian, Japanese and American Indian. In Europe in the Middle Ages, 'zone therapy' was practiced which would later form the basis of modern-day reflexology. ​

Reflexology works in a similar way to acupressure and acupuncture. It is thought that there are certain points on the feet and hands that correspond to the organs and glands in the body. So by pressing and massaging these points it can stimulate energy pathways in the body. If any energy pathways are blocked, Reflexology aims to unblock them, allowing the energy to flow freely again which aims to restore balance to the body. Most people say having Reflexology feels relaxing and soothing.​ Hand Reflexology can be a very good alternative if there are reasons where the feet could not be accessed.​

Treatments are generally an hour session, including a consultation, which usually takes slightly longer on the first appointment and includes discussing your medical history and planning an individual treatment plan. I recommend a treatment plan which will include a number of regular treatments subject to your own individual needs. Regular treatments are recommended for the best outcome and maintenance.


Our hands are very important when it comes to touching, sensing and communicating. Hand reflexology provides an effective and deeply relaxing treatment and most clients find it a very pleasant experience.

Hand reflexology can be a convenient alternative to foot reflexology and can be just as effective. Wonderful for supporting children with autism, or adults with disorders such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's who suffer communication difficulties.

What Benefits can be Expected and What Conditions Can it Help?

Felt truly relaxed recently? For most people, finding time to relax proves difficult in our busy lives, so people generally only find time when they are on holiday... so why only benefit when you are on holiday? A reflexology session could help you escape for an hour of bliss in your busy life.

Like all holistic therapies, reflexology cannot claim to cure, but works by encouraging the body to heal itself. Reflexology may be supportive in restoring balance and harmony in the body, including:
Releasing tension, improve anxiety, balance sleep patterns, and improve mood.

Women's Health

I have a keen interest in Women's Health and Reflexology is a safe and supportive alternative treatment for menopause symptoms,
and specialize in Reflexology for Womens health, as I found in my own experience, that Reflexology made a huge difference to my own health and wellbeing and those around me. After suffering anxiety and a whole host of symptoms whilst transitioning through menopause, I found that Reflexology was a great way to relieve my symptoms, and made me feel so much better. I see many ladies who suffer with a wide range of symptoms from, Anxiety, Low mood, Poor sleep, Insomnia, Mood swings, Headaches/Migraine, Painful joints, skin problems, the list goes on. Many report their symptoms are greatly relieved after receiving regular Reflexology treatments.

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Reflexology for Reproductive Health

Reflexology works best when the client ensures healthy lifestyle habits are in place. These include but are not limited to diet, exercise, relaxation, and work/life balance. No two reflexology treatments are the same for each session because the chosen points address the needs of the client on that particular day. Tailored treatment each session helps to ensure greater outcome. Reflexology may relax you and so you may find it helps you sleep better, reduce tension which may help to balance hormones, regulate cycles. ​

Reflexology does not claim to cure causes of fertility issues. However, research has found it to have a positive and supportive effect. I would recommend a course of reflexology treatments for couples. Ideally both the male and female partners would have treatments, particularly in cases of unexplained infertility.

Reflexology is very supportive during pregnancy, helping to reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep, and encourage your body’s natural labouring process. Treatment sessions promote relaxation and are thought to improve low mood, stress and anxiety. Clients have reported they feel better, experience less anxiety, have more confidence and seem to have more energy, since undergoing a course of reflexology.

" I would 100% recommend reflexology to anyone. It was the first time I felt completely relaxed and calm. It also helped to relieve some of my pain with my injury and it is only getting better each day. 11 out of 10. Thank you for helping me. I feel I have been very positive since the treatment. "KI

“Had another amazing treatment this morning. Sharron is very good at what she does and shows real empathy for her clients, as well as delivering a great service and makes you feel like you've known her for longer than you have. The treatments have really helped with my health issues and Sharron also gives you great tips to try at home too, thank you so much Sharron your light shines bright!” KH.

"I had my first treatment with Sharron on Saturday and I would recommend her to anybody it was fantastic, so relaxing and Sharron is very gentle and kind. I felt totally relaxed all the way through and will definitely be booking again!"JB

Self Help Downloads

I have also added below some self help downloads which are really useful to use at home, and are a good continuation between treatments.
Please see the self help tips here:

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