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As a passionate and qualified Therapist aiming to support Natural Health & Wellness, I understand that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy. Scroll below to start learning how.
Online distance Reflexology and Reiki services gives you access to treatments and therapies anywhere, in any location across the UK and the world. Safely and without taking any risks in these uncertain times. Accessing Reflexology and Reiki via online sessions is an extremely effect treatment, and a popular way to receive a treatment safely.

I specialise in womens health, with a particular interest and experience in menopause, fertility pregnancy, migraine, fibromyalgia, chronic pain conditions, and supporting good health and wellbeing.

Online sessions are easily accessible for everyone without needing to travel, this innovative way of receiving treatments has been so popular, with amazing feedback.

For details of therapies and workshops please contact me.

Health and Wellness Workshops


Preparing parents, grandparents, older siblings and family, health care assistants or care givers, to deliver the FRT rainbow relaxation routine, for use with their own family, or use within the residential or care home environment

There's a clear connection between the way your brain thinks and the way your body feels. Just like you can use your body to reduce your psychological distress, you can also use your mind to improve your body. ... While positive thinking won't cure everything, a healthy mindset is a key component to a healthy body.

Stressfull busy lives takes its toll on our health and wellbeing. Whether you are suffering from an injury, poor health, or just generally feeling stressed out, then reflexology may help you. Your wellbeing and mental health is vital to ensure you can be the best version of you. Even more needed now than ever before, as we deal with unusual and uncertain times, anxiety and stress can undermine our everday health.


Reflexology and Reiki are thought to help support chronic conditions, and combined with regular treatments provides a wonderful support for those looking to help their own Wellbeing. Your wellbeing can be managed by you, with regular treatments clients have reported a reduction in symptoms for conditions such as Migraine, Back Pain, Anxiety & Stress, Menopause, and Low Mood, and Including:
• Reduce Stress and anxiety
• Improve Sleep
• Improve Mood
• Improve Wellbeing
• Aid Relaxation

Health and Wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is about how you're feeling right now, and how well you can cope with daily life. Our wellbeing can change from moment to moment, day to day, or month to month.

Sometimes it changes because of things that happen to us and sometimes it changes for no reason at all. It can affect the way we feel about ourselves and others, and about the things we face in our lives. Reflexology encourages your body to find its balance.

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